September 21


KickStart information

By Mark Neild

September 21, 2020


Find out how we work as a Kickstart Representative

If you would like to know more about working with agileering as your representative for the Kickstart scheme, then view the presentation.  It covers:

  • Background information on the scheme including eligibility and the funding available
  • Outline timetable
  • How the representative scheme works and the options available to you 

View the Presentation here: 

If you still have questions then click on the link below to schedule an individual zoom call with an agileering coach

Ready to Register with Kickstart?

Once you are happy that you are ready to proceed, the next step is to complete the online form to register your interest.  This short form will supply all of the details we need to apply for a grant with the DWP.  We are currently getting 2-3 enquiries a day so it will not take long before we have aggregated the next 30 placements and can include you in the next application.

Mark Neild

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Success in innovation is not about novelty, it is about adoption. People happily adopt new ways of working when they are materially better for them. So let us think differently, prioritising how to improve their experience over what we might think is a good idea. That is successful Innovation - simple isn't it?

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