Your new employees fully funded for 6 months!

But they will only accept applications in blocks of 30 or more.  As a local representative of the Department for Works and Pensions we can aggregate your needs with others and manage the whole process at no cost to you.

Is Kickstart the spur to take on new staff?

Many small business owners in the Southeast and London work very long hours. An extra pair of hands could really lighten the load as well as offering a fresh perspective on how things might be done better.  This is particularly so if technology is not your strong suit.  A young person fresh from College could bring some great skills to compliment your own as well as the chance to free up your time for more strategic tasks. With 25 hours a week for the first 6 months fully funded by Kickstart, there is no financial risk to you the employer.

But taking on new staff can be scary

Business owners are doers - because they have to be.  Training up new young people to the point where they become useful can be daunting, but with our coaches supporting you throughout as part of of our peer support scheme, we will soon have them earning their keep - before they cost you a penny. If not, there is no obligation to keep them - they will still have gained great experience and so will you.  You really have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

Finally unshackle your growth constraints

Nearly half of the business owners on our Growth Accelerator Programme last year thought that time and resources were their key impediment to growth. Our guidance on how to value their time, work out which tasks to delegate and how to go about it gave them the confidence to bring in the help they really needed to grow.  For most of them it was the release they needed to finally kickstart growth (pun intended - sorry!)

Let Kickstart show how fresh blood could help you prosper

Young people have so much to offer from being digital natives to their unfettered creativity.  Our work with the long-term unemployed through the Phoenix programme constantly surprised us by just how much they could do once given a chance.  And with a £1500 grant to cover the costs of our coaching, their employability training and even outsourced payroll with still a bit left over this really does seem like an opportunity not to be missed

3 ways we can de-risk kickstart for you

Employer support

From recruiting, inducting and supporting you to delegate the right tasks to the new employee, we can also help you work out how much they are contributing making their value much more transparent.  Costs £500, funded by the induction grant 

Employee training

The scheme requires that staff receive employability training..  If you are unable to offer this, we can do it for you.  We have been working with the Job Centre for several years now.  Costs £400 per employee, funded by the induction grant

Payroll management

Employees under this scheme must be paid through PAYE.  If you don't run your own payroll, we will be happy to do it for you including claiming funds from DWP and completing all reporting to HMRC.  Costs £150 per employee funded by the induction grant.

Note that on top of employment costs, the Government is offering a £1500 grant that can be used to pay for these options.  Please tell us which of these options you want and we will then pay the balance to you shortly after your employee starts work.


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