agile thinking

See the world differently!

If you are overwhelmed by too many advisors telling you what to do, and frustrated that so little of it makes any sustainable difference, you are far from alone.  

The thing is - most advice is wrong!    

Not because it is incompetent or unprofessional, but because it is so rarely aimed at you, that it is almost impossible to act on.  How many times have you been inspired by training only to find implementing the ideas is not so simple.

 It is not your fault.

Agile thinking is different - it is deeply rooted in performance psychology helping you transcend habits to get far more from your time, effort and resources than you would believe possible.   Using purposeful creative techniques (creativity withut the fluff) we deploy innovative approaches to achieve stretching goals or overcome constraints by rethinking your business model .

Growth without expansion

This B2C Glass installer needed bigger premises without having to move.  The surprising solution was changing to B2B. Bigger jobs with Facilities Management Companies.  enabled Installers to work from vans on site, reducing cost of sale and travel time between jobs .  For the cost of ISO9001 and a few phone calls, they  doubled profits in a year.

More Revenue with little effort

This highly respected pilot training company changed their offer from fasttrack license to copilot job, creating a brand new revenue stream. By replacing head hunters as airline recruiters,.trainee pilots were delighted with  near guaranteed jobs. Airlines got a flexible pilot pipeline trained to their needs saving them poaching from rivals

Boosting Profit and Production

The “a-ha moment” for this bespoke kitchen company was discovering they did not sell kitchens, but  realise clients dreams through design.  Builders who sub-contracted kitchen installation were more trouble than they were worth.  Partnering with an estate agent brought more appreciative customers and better control over production

Looking back, most of my faourite work recollections are that moment when the “penny drops” and people realise they’ve been looking at things the wrong way.  The path to greater effectiveness shines brightly before them and off they go to greatness. It started while a flying instructor in the Fleet Air Arm.