Take the hassle out of employing new staff with fresh thinking.

Many small business owners are so overwhelmed that they have neither the cash nor time to take on new staff.  Fresh thinking and the new Kickstart scheme can make employment and innovation easier than you imagine!

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Impact and results from better innovation

Strategy, Research & Decision-making

From exploring new products potential to changing strategy, we have the experience to help you make the right decisions fast.

Learning & Development

Course evaluations are just a small part.  It is the benefit of participants acting on what they have learned that really drives the business forward.

Coaching & Mentoring

Forget cosy chats. Enabling a step change in performance to achieve agreed outcomes is what our clients really want.

Our experience powers your performance

agilleering was founded to answer a profound question:  Why do so many small businesses recognise the importance of innovation, but struggle to do it well?  Our research shows that in most cases it is not a lack of will or skill, but sub-conscious conditioning that gets in the way.  Reprogramming habits helps people act in more effective ways.

Innovation success is not about novelty, but doing better things; then people want to adopt it.  This subtle shift in emphasis has a profound impact. Instead of "Blue Sky Thinking" our proven process researches "problems worth solving" paving the way to solutions that sell themselves.

Cultural Psychology explains why finding such problems is counter-intuitive.  Our world view is shaped by our unique experiences unlike anyone else's.  To discover problems worth solving, requires seeing the world as your target customers or users see it.  But then fresh thinking about better solutions is stymied by "Situated Cognition".

So if you see effective innovation as only for "rocket scientists" or the lucky few struck by lightning bolts of inspiration; or your faith is shattered by too many paths of false promises, you can now see why its not your fault.  Let our 25 years of experience power your performance.

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